Business coaching is like creating an art pieceMy journey as entrepreneur has started already during the 90’s. During then my company was pretty much about self-employment and I finally put the whole thing on hold when got a job as a university teacher. But after years of employments, studies and learning-by-doing experiences I wanted to do more. It was the time to restart my company again, but this time with different attitude – with a brand. It took courage to do it.

noname Consulting was created last autumn 2014. The name itself arouses questions: why noname? Well, there is a story behind. noname Consulting is referring to the role of the coach or the consultant, which is to be the hidden guide and support in the background – letting the customer to shine and be the star, supporting the customer organization’s success. A very common role for a consultant is to provide solution to a business problem, but let the customer to do the implementation work. In my company I want to do it differently, I want to support my customers during the journey, to the very end of the effort.

Altogether it has taken over a year from the first hint of idea to reach this point launching this brand new website. Even though the first real action was taken last autumn when I technically established noname Consulting, I have spend the last 6 months from the start-up crystallizing my business concept. In that process, my friends have been valuable support. But let’s see then where my company will finally end up to, as companies do have a tendency of changing during their journey.

What makes noname Consulting unique?

I would say the empowering and solution-oriented approach using a combination of coaching, consulting and mentoring. This is based on my business coaching skills combined with years of business experience and studies. noname Consulting is about present and future, focusing on positive capabilities of people and organizations. We all need positive attitude in our lives. The core idea of noname Consulting is collaboration and cooperation with customers. And I hope to see that also on this site.

I also hope, that my story will give you all courage and strength to make your dreams come true. It might take some time and have different path than you originally planned, but if you want you can make it happen. When I was a teen my dream job was to become a doctor. In a way I am now living that dream when helping people and companies to develop and improve their work. Let’s see how my other dream of desire for art and design will come true; I have left something for future dreams as well.

I’m looking forward to tell you more about the story behind when meeting you. Meanwhile you are welcome to join discussion and follow my journey via this website and social medias. Ask questions, comment articles and follow noname thinking via different channels.

“Establishing a coaching business is like creating an art piece. Artist knows there is other similar art pieces available, but creates still an own one. Knowing it will be a unique piece of art that only she can create. It goes with coaching services as well. You are a unique person with unique competence, thinking and attitude. There is no company like yours, when you are selling your individual competence.”

– Mervi Lamberg, 2015