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noname Consulting provides customized support to you and your organization via business coaching and consulting on focused areas. All services can be combined with each other. For example the role of stakeholder management & engagement is important in project management and virtual management as well. Services are provided in Finnish and English.

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Project Leadership & Management

Project work is often problematic. Especially big long-term projects have a tendency to be delayed, and it is not rare that some of them are ended. As projects and their environments are nowadays complex also the fundamental issues are varying. In general, the challenges are arising from leadership issues and organizations’ internal environment.

noname Consulting provides coaching, consulting and mentoring in project management and leadership.

Needed services are tailored based on a customer’s need, and can include for example project manager support during a project to deliver. This is beneficial for project manager, as he / she gets practical guidance combined with coaching and consulting. As a result project efficiency improves and project manager is confident with managing and especially leading during the project. It is also beneficial to utilize noname Consulting support in project planning phase, especially regarding stakeholder engagement and project change management.

Virtual Leadership & Management

Virtual management skills are important for managers leading remote employees, which is the very common way of working currently. People are working from different locations and without face-to-face interaction neither with management nor colleagues. The lack of face-to-face communications in leadership is challenging and the managerial problems are easily cumulating. noname Consulting is supporting and guiding managers and organizations in this leadership development.

noname Consulting provides coaching, consulting and mentoring for managers & superiors willing to enhance their virtual management skills.

This is beneficial for managers leading people remotely without face-to-face communication and interaction. As a result managers are confident with leading people remotely and can utilize the capabilities they have as a manager in virtual environment.

Change Management & Stakeholder Management

Every project and change involves people – directly and indirectly. Change is successful when people have changed their behaviour and are working towards new target and vision. This requires engagement from related stakeholders, and in order to reach that you need to know whom your key stakeholders are and define how to handle the relationships.

noname Consulting provides consulting and coaching on change management planning and implementation, especially related to stakeholder management & engagement.

This is beneficial in organizations, which are implementing changes via projects usually with complex stakeholder environment (such as IT ERP -projects). Services are tailored based on a customer business case, and can include various elements. For example, noname Consulting support to a change manager regarding project planning and implementation, or noname Consulting to produce stakeholder analysis and plan.

Business Coaching

noname Consulting provides business coaching for individual employees, teams and organizations with a work-related target to achieve to support business goals. Business coaching –service can be done as a separate service, or it can be combined with other services as well. It makes a perfect fit with project management, change management and virtual management providing a solid competence development process.

Personal business coaching

For example coaching for leadership development, prioritization, time management, motivation, empowering and strengths.

Team business coaching

For example developing the team dynamics, communication, motivation and performance. Excellent when combined with subject matter training as well.

Project coaching

For example coaching for change, training and communication management, and leading projects.

Organizational coaching

Long-term coaching approach to support companies for example with change initiatives, projects and organizational development issues. In addition, noname Consulting provides start-up business coaching.

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