Empowering approach to coaching and consulting

It all starts with a target to be achieved or an issue to be resolved. Tailor-made services are improving customer business benefits as they are related to everyday customer challenges, supported by solution-oriented approach of noname Consulting. Foundation for high quality coaching & consulting lies in broad competence combined with academic thinking.

You are a star.

The consultant is not the Star Player, the Customer is.

noname Consulting is providing services based on the customers’ needs for example related to a specific business case. Focus is on knowledge sharing, practical guidance and learning, giving a possibility to the customer organization to learn during the coaching and the consulting. It is all about cooperation and collaboration together – to enable the customer’s success. The coach or the consultant is not the star player, the customer is, but the role of the coach is to make the customer to shine and be the star.

The consulting as such includes the planning phase and equally important the implementation phase, to the very end of the project or the effort. Usually the services used are including both consulting and coaching with a hint of mentoring as well, depending on the situation.

In general, the focus of noname Consulting approach is in the present and in the future. How to make a success with the positive capabilities in use, combined with the noname support. Would you like to be a star in your business and work? Get in touch.