For many of us, it is not easy to stay focused at work. There are a lot of interruptions during the day in the form of meetings, phone calls, emails, and coffee breaks. You name it; there are plenty of options. And in top of the daily interruptions, there are also the change projects – which are the new norm of today’s business life. They hit everyday employees in the organizations, affecting to the daily operational work. From company point of view, the change efforts are planned from top to down, from strategies to the individual work and behaviour. With a preliminary idea that people will change their behaviour towards new goals, but there is a dilemma on personal level.

The only person you can change is yourself. You are not able to change other people, even though it is very fascinating thinking. During the organizational changes, the belief is quite often that change happens also on individual level, parallel to organizational change plans. But in order to have that happen, people need to realize the change focus for them and have a reason for changing. So what happens when changes hit employees? People are confused with their tasks, roles and responsibilities, and priorities. They loose focus at work.

Change begins from all of us

Changing our own attitudes, behaviour and thinking is not easy. All of us, who have quitted smoking or lost weight, know that. Change requires internal willingness to change, among with positive feelings. We need to see something positive in the change, a benefit for ourselves, usually something that is not explained by facts but rather feels right. But when we do change, the effect is affecting more people. Your change will affect also people around you, your team members. And team change will affect other teams & the organization and finally the business. In short, there is much power on the individuals of the organizations. You really can make the difference in your own personal work.

All this is easy to say, but in real life it is difficult. If we are very busy all the time, it is quite easy to forget the main focus and start hassling around with everything. Prioritization is difficult and there is no room for personal development.

Business coaching facilitates tailored learning

You’ll have a perfect place for learning-by-doing at work. But when you aren’t able to reflect your personal development and work with yourself and with your personal goals, you will not see the points for the development. You need to see and understand what and how to improve, to realize your own agenda within the organizational changes. In general, learning in today’s organizations is challenging. Multitasking is not supporting personal development and learning at work. In order to be able to learn, you need to focus and concentrate to the present and possibilities in this moment.

In that journey you might need support, a coach. It might be related to the operational daily work, or even perhaps with the personal future vision. The role of the business coach is to support on that journey, enabling people to find new focused and efficient approach to work. Or even to find new approach to career. From company point of view, the ultimate target for business coaching is to support business goals via target-oriented confidential personal coaching. When learning and development is happening in a trusted, secure atmosphere, it can be reflected directly to the work. A person to be coached will get individual high-quality development experience specifically to her or his own needs. You could call it tailored learning.

Mervi Lamberg
Consultant & Business Coach
noname Consulting, Finland